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Q: How many bouquets can I make with a DIY bucket?

A: For DIY buckets  around 60 to 80 stems  of greens  and flowers. Your bucket  will  make about  5 to 7 mason  quart size Jars  bouquets. All local and sustainable . Freshly picked preserved and hydrated.

Q: Do you allow u-cut?

A: We do not offer u-cut as an option at this time.

Q: If I ordered a bucket of flowers, when would I be able to pick it up?

A: DYI buckets picked up Thursday and Fridays mornings . Appointments  Scheduled.

Q: How should I transport the flowers/ buckets?

A: Please transport in Air Conditioned vehicles. On the day of the event store in the shade or cool garage.

Q: What are your delivery options?

A: There is a $15 delivery  fee within a 10 to 15 mile radius.

Q: Are there color limitations?

A: Color Selections are  between daring Vibrants and soft hued Pastels.

Q: Do you offer edible flowers?

A: We do offer edible flower options!

Wholesale inquiries please txt. or email Nancy @ 360-483-8948 orĀ [email protected]