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Hello! I am Nancy from Bellingham

My name is Nancy Vekved and I’ve been in the flower business for 12 years now! I offer local, sustainably grown flowers from my own little farm in Bellingham – a sweet little town near Canada.

I grew up here in Whatcom County, in the northern part of Washington State, on a whimsical farm of 5 acres. My dad was a heavy influence of my love of gardens. We enjoyed the fruits of our labors with freshly grown vegetables that we ate at home. Often, late at night I’d see my mom making her own jams – we all learned how to can as a family. We enjoyed being surrounded with the humming of bees and the fragrance of the flowers.

Now, I too grow flowers and vegetables. I use organic practidces and provide flowers for events and special occasions – or simply the enjoyment of picking flowers to bring them indoors and enjoy them on our desks and rooms.

I look forward to talking with you more about flowers! You can call or text me at (360) 483-8948. Thanks so much!